A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 2, 2007

Morning Chores – A Time for Observation and Reflection

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Morning chores are one of the most critical periods of my day.  When I get up each morning my first thought is to check on the alpacas.  Fortunately we can see all of our pastures from the windows in the house, and it gives me the opportunity to see if there is anything unusual going on with the herd.  Ric often jokes that he can do morning chores in a fraction of the time that I can, which is true, however I use my time during my morning routine to do more than put out feed, fill hay mangers and fill water buckets.

Alpacas are notoriously stoic and one of the key factors to good herd management is to know your herd well and be aware of any changes in their behaviour.  Is someone not as quick to come to the feed pens as usual?  Is someone walking oddly?  Is someone isolating them-self from the herd?  These are all examples of alpaca behaviour that could indicate a potential problem and make me pay closer attention to a particular alpaca.

As I walk the pastures I am also checking to make sure that nothing has blown into the pastures overnight that would be detrimental to the alpacas such as plastic sacks or other trash.  As hard as people try to keep things in order, the winds of the high plains often manage to distribute all sorts of weird and wonderful things!

Every job has it’s downside, but even scooping up the poop piles has it’s benefits.  The rhythmic action of raking and scooping allows me time to reflect on our business and is often a time when creative ideas spring to mind!

So you can see that morning chores is a many faceted task.  I admit I enjoy my time with the alpacas each morning, but that time is also time well spent, and my observations and interaction with the herd are an important part of my business.

Until tomorrow!



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