A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 14, 2007

The Gift of Rain

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On Monday we were treated to a day of rain.  I use the word treated because in our area any moisture we receive is a treat.  Our environment is usually so dry and we always treasure any moisture we get. 

Mondays rain started off slowly but built up to a good heavy steady rain.  The alpacas alternated between staying in their shelters during the heavier downpours and sitting out in the rain in it’s lighter moments – maybe it felt good to them to have the rain on their fleeces.  By the end of the day we had “lakes” within our pastures.  Our ground is hard and it takes a while for the moisture to soak in, but the lakes provide a great play ground for adventurous crias and adult alpacas who enjoy the sensation of wading through the water.

By Tuesday morning the rain had passed but we awoke to blue skies and a rainbow to the West of the house.  The rain drops on the wheat leaves glistened in the sunlight, who can help but smile at such a beautiful sight first thing in the morning.

When I fed the boys in the bottom pasture I came across another sight to enjoy – four baby cottontail rabbits, each only maybe three inches long.  The baby cottontails were nestled on a mud pile in the pasture, and it was only later in the day when I was doing evening chores that I realised they were nestled in the alpaca footprints that had been made in the mud pile, the footprints were just the right size for those little rabbits.  The alpacas did not seem to bother the baby rabbits all day and fortunately they are far enough away from the barn cats that they will stand a fair chance of survival. 

By the end of evening chores many of the “lakes” had dried up, the alpacas though were still a little damp and their fleeces felt softer than ever having been treated to a nice rain bath.

The moisture we received will help our wheat to grow and make the windstorms a little more bearable as the ground will be less dusty, hopefully we will not experience the dust storms of four years ago.

The rainstorm truly was a gift to this area and one that those living on the high plains do not take for granted.  Here’s hoping for many more.



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