A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

April 7, 2007

Changing Priorities

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Ric and RascalIt’s funny how as your life develops things that were once important and a priority to you become less relevant.  When you run your own business your priorities most definitely change.

Who would have thought that I could go from a fashion conscious office worker to someone who counts a pair of insulated coveralls as one of the best things in her wardrobe!

But that is how it is, and yesterday evening the coveted insulated coveralls made a re-appearance as our temperatures plummeted in time for evening chores.

Now the coveralls can hardly be describes as stylish, but when the daytime high temperature only reaches 36 style is not the issue – warmth is! (The picture at the top of this blog is of Ric wearing his insulated coveralls just to give you an idea of how far removed from stylish they are!)

I have had my insulated coveralls for about six years now and wouldn’t give them up for all the world.  As cold as it was this evening I was beautifully warm in my coveralls and they made the difference between evening chores being a cold and miserable task to evening chores being comfortable and un-rushed.  Who needs to rush when you really cannot feel how cold it is getting outside.

My friends in England do not understand my appreciation of my insulated coveralls but then again none of them have been out to visit us in the chill of winter.  I didn’t give insulated coveralls a second thought while I was living in England, even on the coldest of nights, but my life changed and along with it my priorities.

As I forecast yesterday we didn’t get to shear today, the weather forecast has gone from bad to worse and the expected 1 – 2″ of snow has now been increased to 4″ of snow.  This weekend is Easter Weekend and I am sure that there will be many children sadly disappointed that their Easter Egg Hunt will have to take place inside, although with children snow is always an exciting event so maybe the disappointment may not be too bad.  I do have to chuckle though as I think of the many ladies in the area who will be dressed in their finest come Easter morning, for I will be dressed in my finest too – except my finest apparel for the morning will be those lovely insulated coveralls, and my Easter bonnet will be the lovely matching hat that goes with my coveralls.  Priorities most definitely change when you are running a business!


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