A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

April 20, 2007

How Fortunate We Are

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Chamberino and Tobiano GrazingI received an email yesterday from a friend and fellow member of the alpaca community who like many is deeply saddened by the tragedy at Virginia Tech.  This wonderful lady is a retired teacher and has a heart as big and caring as you could hope for.  The sorrow that this lady felt would not leave her heart and so she turned to her friends in the alpaca community.  She wrote a few words describing how she was feeling and how fortunate she felt to be able to go to her barn, rest her eyes on her alpacas and take rest in her heart from their presence.

 I feel her words ring true for many an alpaca breeder, I can still remember when September 11 happened that I found great comfort in standing watching the alpacas that day.  Ric was still active duty in the US Air Force and was in Virginia at the time of the September 11 attacks, I was home alone caring for the alpacas.  To stand and watch the alpacas eating their hay, rolling in the dust and stretching out for a nap makes you aware of how life does go on despite the bad things that are happening in the world around you.   There is a definite feeling of peace that comes from being around alpacas and as alpaca owners we are fortunate to be able to experience that peace during times of turmoil.

A couple of years ago we had a lady show up at the ranch who had been to one of our open ranch days.  We usually ask that visitors to the ranch make an appointment, but on this occasion the lady just showed up unannounced.  We went out to talk to her and she apologized for showing up without notice but went on to explain that her mother had just passed away.  She remembered how peaceful the alpacas were and she just wanted to come and sit with them and enjoy that peace during her time of grief.  Of course we told her to make herself at home and left her to enjoy the alpacas.  We also told her that she was welcome to come and sit with the alpacas whenever she felt the need.  When she left us her face was visibly less strained, while we are sure her heart was still grieving for her mother the alpacas had worked their magic and given her a small amount of relief from her heartache.

It is hard to describe exactly what it is about the alpacas that brings such a peaceful, tranquil quality to them but once you have experienced it you will never forget that feeling.

Alpaca owners have much to be thankful for, we get to spend our time among these wonderful creatures and we also get to spend our time with other alpaca owners who are typically some of the most caring, friendly people you could hope to meet.  May we never forget just how fortunate we are.



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