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April 27, 2007

Fiber, Fiber and More Fiber!

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This afternoon I will be leaving for Albuquerque to attend a seminar put on by our state alpaca organization “New Mexico Alpaca Breeders“.  The seminar consists of two classes “Fiber Sorting For Maximum Profit Plus Fiber Herds – Raising Alpacas For Their Fleece” and “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Alpaca Of All” and is presented by Robyn Kuhl and Carrie Hull of Coarse Broads, Inc.

The seminar promises to be very interesting and full of information which is especially pertinant at this time of the year when alpaca breeders throughout the state are shearing their alpacas.  To me it is encouraging that more education is becoming available on the fiber side of the alpaca business, for eventually that is where our future lies.  Other alpaca breeders that have attended this seminar have only had good things to say about it and in fact the Membership Chair of New Mexico Alpaca Breeders attended this same seminar at a different location last weekend and enjoyed it so much she is also coming to Albuquerque this weekend to take the seminar again.

It will be good to get together with the other breeders from the state, and as the event is open to everyone I am sure there will be alpaca breeders from outside the state present and maybe even some people who don’t own alpacas yet but want to gain more knowledge about the fiber side of the business.

Ric will be staying home to hold down the fort, care for the alpacas and maybe even get a few more shorn.  He may also get to deliver Queen’s cria if she finally decides to have it, although tonight she decided to jump over one of our raised feeding troughs so I suspect she is not even thinking about labor yet!

The hotel that I am staying at has high speed Internet, so I will hopefully be able to update this blog from my laptop.  If for some reason the blog is not updated then it probably means that the Internet connection at the hotel is not working.

On Sunday following the seminar we will be having a brief New Mexico Alpaca Breeders meeting.  It has been a while since I have been able to attend a meeting so it will be nice to get up to date on all the group is doing.  For me it is interesting to think back to the summer of 2002 when a group of five or six alpaca breeders got together for an afternoon and decided it was time we formed an alpaca group within New Mexico.  Somehow I walked away from that meeting having been elected President of the organization and went on to complete my two year term.  Now the group has over 40 members and has developed into an organization that puts on seminars, shows, cooperative marketing ventures and provides support for breeders and those interested in alpacas throughout the state of New Mexico.

I am sure by Sunday night my mind will be reeling with information from the seminar.  I really enjoy learning anything new about alpacas and of course alpaca fiber is a subject that is very dear to my heart.  With a three and a half hour drive home though, I will have plenty of time to think about all the new information I have learned and contemplate how I am going to use it on our farm.


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