A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 2, 2007

Alternative Energy Source!

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I mentioned in my blog entry a couple of days ago that I would be driving back from Albuquerque while sitting on my “Energy Mat”.  Trust me the drive from Albuquerque is a long one so anything that can keep my energy levels up is a blessing.

The “Energy Mat” was my purchase at the seminar.  During their presentation Robyn and Carrie passed out some of the mats and asked some of us to sit on them.  The mats are woven using a special technique by a charming gentleman by the name of Reinhard Schoffthaler who is also an exceptional weaver.

The mats are made out of the more robust alpaca fleece that is collected from the lower legs, chest and belly of the alpaca.  The fleece is cleaned and then carded and spun onto a jute core.  The resulting yarn is then used to weave the Energy Mats and also some rugs.

To look at the Energy Mat you would not believe that it would really make too much of a difference.  It is pleasing to look at but it is the extraordinary qualities of alpaca that make the Energy Mat different than other mats you may have.

Alpaca is most commonly known for it’s soft smooth handle (feel), but did you also know that it is fire retardant and absorbs moisture.  Alpaca is light weight yet durable and the mats and rugs that Reinhard makes will last for many, many years.  Alpaca also naturally resists dirt and odor so the mats and rugs need little cleaning maintenance.  On top of all of this alpaca is know to absorb toxins from the air including formaldehyde which is often found in new houses.

I tried the mat out thinking that surely it could not be any different than any other mat, but I was plesantly surprised.  Even though the mat is only about 1/2″ thick it feels wonderful to sit on.  So wonderful that when it came time for us to swap the mats around with those that had not had the chance to try one, I did not want to let mine go.  The label on the mat says that it improves circulation and I can well beleive it.  I used mine on the drive home and felt good when I got out of the truck when I reached home. 

I have been in touch with Reinhard and have arranged to send some of our alpaca fiber to him to be processed into rugs and mats.  In particular I am thinking that one of the mats might be a nice gift for my father who is currently wheelchair bound. 

I am now firmly attached to my mat and am sitting on it while I write this blog entry.  The question is will I be able to tear myself away from it to allow Ric to use it on the drive to the show in Denver this weekend!



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