A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 3, 2007

Commitments and Sacrifices

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The day to leave for the Great Western Alpaca Show in Denver has arrived and I will not be able to go.  Ric is still going taking our boys Treasure and Rian and our clients boy Rohan, but as Queen still has not delivered I have decided that it is best that I stay home.

It is unfortunate and disappointing to miss a show that you have been planning on attending for months (I paid for the stalls in November of 2006), but that is part of being an alpaca owner.  I know if I left and something happened to Queen and her cria I would never forgive myself.

At the seminar this weekend the subject of commitement was touched on during the alpaca evaluation presentation.  It was pointed out that as you select your alpacas for purchase you need to keep in the back of you mind how that purchase will effect your day to day activities as well as your overall herd plan. It was a valid point and one that some owners do not really think through before making their first purchase.

Like any other livestock or animals alpacas are a commitment.  They go by instinct and body function when it comes to things like delivering a cria or getting sick, and they most certainly don’t check their owners diary to make sure they are not causing an inconvenience!  If you are not prepared to sometimes cancel your plans, stay up through the night nursing a sick animal or make phone calls to strangers while you are researching a condition you have not come across before then you probably need to think twice as to whether the commitment of owning alpacas (or any other animal for that matter) is one that you want to make.  To be successful in the business you have to be prepared to put the needs of your herd and your business first.

I will be sad to miss the show, it means that I will not get to see some fellow alpaca breeders whom I have not seen for several months and I will not get the pleasure of walking my alpacas into the show ring and walking out with a ribbon, but there will be other shows and I am more needed at the ranch right now. 

So I will stay home with dear Queen who still may not have her cria this weekend, but if she does I will get to attend one of the best “shows” on earth as I see that little cria draw it’s first breath, take it’s first steps and nurse from Queen for the first time.  I may not walk away with a ribbon but I will walk away with a big smile at the sight of my new cria and the peace of mind of knowing that I am here for Queen.  Those two things are worth more than any ribbon I could ever receive.



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