A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 7, 2007

Some You Win, Some You Don’t

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Ric has now returned from the show.  It was a busy four days for him, but he seems to have had a good time.  The Great Western Alpaca Show was a tough, competitive one as usual, there were some outstanding alpacas there and it was a great opportunity for people to see those alpacas at a great show.  The Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies always put on a class act with the Great Western Alpaca Show and it is quite a feat to organize 500 alpacas plus their owners over the course of four days.

Out of the two boys we were showing we managed to get a ribbon with one.  Windrush Rian took fourth in his class, and in view of the strong competition we are happy to have at least received a ribbon.  Our boy Travesura’s Altiplano Treasure unfortunately did not place.  I was surprised to hear that he had not placed in his class as he is a well put together male with wonderful fleece, but again it shows you the standard of competition at the show.  Treasure was pulled out by the judge Jude Anderson as one of her top eight choices but she only had ribbons to sixth place.  Jude Anderson did comment to the audience that Treasure’s class was the toughest class she had judged in the entire show and that all of the top eight alpacas were of top quality and definitely were suitable for breeding males.

Our client’s male alpaca Kiss Me Rohan also did not place, another casualty of the strong competition, but he too is a wonderful example of an alpaca and I hope his owners will continue to show him. 

Rohan is going home to Texas today and I know this will not sit well with his buddy Rian.  We will need to keep an eye on Rian for the next few days as he will definitely be a little stressed at Rohan’s leaving.  I plan on giving him some of the MSE probiotic drench to help him cope with the stress of Rohan’s departure.

So while we did not come away with a full house on ribbons we still feel that the show was a success.  It got our alpacas out in front of other breeders,  gave Ric a chance to see some great alpacas and was also an opportunity for Ric to network with other breeders and potential new alpaca owners.  There is more to showing than winning ribbons!



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