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May 10, 2007

What’s in a Name?

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Queen and New Cria Standing TogetherIt’s hard to believe that our new cria has been with us now for almost a week.  She is growing fast and is a lot of fun.  She has the same independent nature as her dam Queen but with just the right amount of curiosity.  I see a lot of her sire Zin in her too, the way she stands, her conformation and that bright silky fleece that I can feel sliding in my arms as I carry her to the scales for her daily weigh in.  She is an alert little cria and already recognizes the sound of my voice.  If I call to her as I walk past the pasture her head shoots up and she looks to see where I am.

So what are we going to call her?  Well that is a good question!  I always keep a list of interesting names that I hear and feel would be suitable for an alpaca, and every time we have a cria Ric and I go through the same ritual.  I suggest names and Ric lets me know what he thinks of each one.  You would think it would be simple but it really takes some thought.

Every alpaca that is registered has to have a unique name.  No two registered alpacas can have the same name, the name must differ by spelling or some other factor.  This makes naming alpacas a bit of a challenge.  To help us we have purchased from the Alpaca Registry, Inc. what is known as a breeder identifier.  Our breeder identifier is the word “Windrush” and is placed in front of all of our alpacas names.  As we have purchased this particular breeder identifier other breeders are not allowed to use the word “Windrush” as the first word of their alpacas name.  So that has solved part of the problem in naming an alpaca but not all of the problem.

The crias that we breed and raise represent our farm and our breeding program so we want them to have names that not only suit them but also convey a positive image about them and our farm.   We also have to remember that as cute as they are when they are young the name has to be one that will still suit them as they grow older.  Of course they will still be cute as they age but in a different way.  An alpaca name also needs to be memorable, so that if for instance that alpaca goes on to win a ribbon in a show class those watching the show will remember that alpaca.

Male alpacas are usually more of a challenge to name than female alpacas.  If that male goes on to be a herd sire we want his name to convey a strong, macho image for him – naming him “fluffy” just wont do!

In the case of our latest little girl we have shortlisted some names and are trying to make our final decision.  The day she was born the Queen of England arrived on her visit to the United States and as the cria’s dam is “Queen” and I am English it seems appropriate that our little girl should have a regal name.  So we will mull over our short list and hopefully agree on a name for her really soon.  I’ll keep you posted on what we decide!


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  1. As the cria is a daughter of a Queen – maybe you might consider ‘Princess’ to continue the regal theme… ‘Duchess’ is quite nice too. I remember you already have a ‘Majesty’ but no doubt you will have many suggestions!!

    Comment by Linda Pottinger — May 10, 2007 @ 9:25 pm

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