A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 15, 2007

Shearing Day – Again!

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It seems as if we have been shearing on and off for a long while, but hopefully today will see us getting a lot closer to having all of the alpacas shorn.

Our shearer for this year, Peter Connelly, will be arriving about 7 a.m. and by 7:30 a.m. shearing will be in full swing. 

We did hit one minor snag last night – spring showers – hopefully the alpacas will not be too wet to shear.  I did go out and check on them during the evening and most of them were inside one of the shelters so hopefully they stayed there during the night.

If the alpacas are just damp on the top we can put them in front of fans in the sunshine to allow them to dry off, but if they alpacas are soaked to the skin we will have a different story to tell and may not be able to shear as many as planned.

For the pregnant girls we will need to dose them with some banamine in the morning which will help them with any post shearing aches and pains and will also hopefully help them to hold onto their pregnancy.  One of the ingredients in banamine helps block the steroid that causes alpacas to abort.  We will also give our pregnant girls some acepromazine to relax them further.

As the shearer is arriving so early chances are we will not have finished chores when he arrives so one of us will continue with chores while the other helps the shearer to get started.  We have various helpers scheduled throughout the day and with a little luck all will go smoothly.  All the alpacas that are being shorn will also be treated to a pedicure (toe nail trim) and teeth trim if necessary.

I’m looking forward to finally getting shearing finished.  While we have been able to do some ourselves, the weather was not really very cooperative this year so we sheared less ourselves than we had expected. It was all good practice though and maybe next year the weather will cooperate a little more.


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