A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 17, 2007

A Shorn Herd and a New Camera!

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Herd After ShearingFollowing Tuesday’s shearing session I took a day off from the blog to recover.  If ever you want a good workout try helping out at a shearing!  We ended up shearing for a total of 12 hours along with the usual chores that we do for the farm.  The shearing went well and our helpers worked together as a team to get things done.  At the end of the day we were all tired but happy that we got so many alpacas sheared in one day.  We still have 12 of our own alpacas to shear which will give Ric more practice.  Pete Connelly our shearer on Tuesday was very accommodating in answering our questions on shearing tips and even allowed Ric to shear a couple while he (Pete) observed and gave hints as to how to make shearing easier and better.  A big thank you as well to Pete’s wife Angie who worked solidly all day helping to hold the alpacas while they were being shorn.

To make the fiber collection easier we set up three large tubs and clearly labeled each one as to what type of fiber should be put in it.  Each tub was lined with a clean bag for each alpaca that we sheared and it was easy to collect the fiber as we went along and put it in the correct tub.  Our friend Kathryn was in charge of labeling and weighing the bags, documenting all of the shearing information and putting fresh bags in the tubs for each alpaca we sheared.  Great job Kathryn!

In addition to shearing we weighed each alpaca as it entered the barn and trimmed toenails while the alpaca was being shorn.  All in all we got a lot accomplished on Tuesday.

A little treat for me was the arrival of my new digital camera.  I have previously been using one that was only 1.3 mega-pixels.  It did a reasonable job but the clarity of the pictures sometimes left something to be desired.  So now I have upgraded to a 6.1 mega-pixels and hope that I will be able to post some interesting pictures to the blog on a regular basis. 

So on that note I will add one of the pictures from my new camera to this blog entry and call it day for today’s post.



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