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May 18, 2007

Rascal’s Progress

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A few days ago I mentioned that one of our cria’s “Rascal” had started with diarrhea.  We tried the initial treatment of MSE probiotic drench and some Diarsynl, but did not see any improvement.  We then started to treat Rascal with an anti-biotic called Tucoprim and thankfully he is gradually responding.  The Tucoprim is in a powder form and I mix it with some applesauce and administer it to Rascal orally using a dosing syringe.  I prefer applesauce over water as there is less chance of choke with the applesauce and the alpacas like the taste.  Typically after the first day or so the alpacas realize they are going to get a little tasty treat of applesauce and accept the medication well.  We even had one cria in the past who would run up to us as soon as he saw the dosing syringe in the hope that he could convince us that he needed the contents of the syringe.

The day after Rascal started with diarrhea one of our adult girls Keeva also started with diarrhea which made us feel that probably the cause of the problem is bacterial.  Keeva too is on Tucoprim and is gradually showing improvement.

In addition to the antibiotics for Keeva and Rascal we also treated the herd with Corid in case coccidiosis is the root of the problem.  To do this we have to turn off the automatic waterers and use water buckets to ensure that the alpacas only drink the Corid water.  This irritates one of our guard llamas Griffin who then spends her day removing the tops from the automatic waterers and using her feet to flick the lever to turn the waterers back on again!

Touch wood so far none of the other alpacas have come down with diarrhea so maybe our prompt action has prevented the problem from spreading further.   Neither Rascal or Keeva have shown any discomfort during their sickness and both are eating well which is always a good sign.

Our expectant dam Windrush Clarissa Dawn has now started with some enlargement of her udder so once again we are on cria watch.  The cria’s sire is FRA Luceros who is co-owned by Debbie and Wade Presley of Copper Hill Ranch and Laura Hudson of Piney Hills Alpaca Ranch and we are excited to be introducing this blood line to our herd.

The weather now has turned to being a little rainy, so the chances are the cria will not be born until the weather brightens a little.   Keep reading the blog for news of Clarissa’s cria!



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  1. Great blog, Rosemary! Our guard llama, Whorlybird, dislikes the hay grid (homemade by our son) so much that she pulls it out of the bin and tosses it on the barn floor. She then pulls up hay by the flake and throws it all around the barn. We’ve weighted the grid insert, but even the additional weight does not dissuade her. She is a great guard, though, so we put up with her antics. I just keep replacing hay and grid hoping that she will, someday, learn that that is how WE want things.

    Good luck with the diarrhea challenge. Sometimes the change from winter feedings of hay and grain to pasturing can give some of our alpacas intestinal distress. I do fecals and find nothing suspicious, so blame it on the fresh, lush grass.


    Comment by Caroline Johnson — May 18, 2007 @ 3:08 pm

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