A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 20, 2007

Rain Stops Play – But Only For Humans!

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Velvet PrincessThe last couple of days have been a little rainy and damp and so the remaining shearing has had to be put on the back burner.   There is always plenty to do though.

Ric and I sat down and decided which fleece will be used for which project.  Some of the fleece we plan on having graded by the Coarse Broads, Inc. so that we are eligible to become part of their fiber co-op as it develops, some fiber will be sent to Canada for processing into our Windrush Alpaca socks which have been a great seller at the booth we have at Lizzie’s Menagerie in downtown Clovis.  We will also plan on sending some to Royal Fiber Spinnery to be processed into yarn for knitting and crochet and of course as members of the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America we have pledged to send some of the fiber in to them to be processed into end product.  Last but not least we must not forget our hand-spinning customers who like to purchase raw fleece for spinning.

Having made our list we need to go through the bags of fleece making sure we have removed any vegetable matter and the shorter second cuts.  We also check to make sure the bags are marked correctly to indicate which part of the fleece they contain.  It sounds like quite a process but it is quite quick once we get going and just the thing for a rainy day.

Out in the pasture the alpacas don’t seem to mind a slow steady rain.  Periodically they will go into the shelters to eat or dry off but as long as the rain is not heavy they tend to carry on their daily activities outside as normal.  Little Velvet Princess certainly seems to have a lot on her agenda (that’s her latest picture at the top of this blog entry).  She is a bundle of energy, inviting the two other crias Athena and Merlin to play with her and then once she has worn them out she tries to convince the adults that they should play too.  She is usually not too successful in persuading the adults but that does not stop her from trying!  Velvet also likes to follow her big sister TeQueely around and TeQueely tolerates it quite well.  It is quite sweet to see TeQueely strolling across the pasture with her little sister walking at her heels.

It has been an unusual weather year for us this year, by now we are usually getting really dry and hot.  The cooler rainy weather we have been experiencing has been a welcome change.  We keep wondering when the heat is going to hit us, soon I suspect, but who knows maybe it will hold off a little longer and our parched land will feel the benefits of the extra moisture.


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