A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 6, 2007

Where Did You Get That Hat?!

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Ric’s HatHats are a pretty important possession on the high plains of eastern New Mexico.  They provide much needed protection from the sun (and also from the rain this year) and give a hint of the personality of the wearer.  We have several shops in town that supply hats in all shapes and forms from baseball caps through to the wide brimmed cowboy hat. Hats have long played an important role in this area. 

This year the City of Clovis is celebrating it’s 100th year and as part of the celebrations on Friday morning there will be a “Pioneer Women’s breakfast” complete with a bonnet competition.  It will be interesting to see the bonnets that are created for Friday’s competition. Ric recently purchased a new straw hat for the summer.  He had just about worn out his previous straw hat and so felt that it was time for a replacement.  Having worn his new straw hat for several days he decided to add to it a hatband that I bought him several years ago.  The hatband has a gold buckle on it and a gold tip to the end of the band and is something that Ric is very proud of. 

So yesterday Ric wore his new straw hat and hatband while shredding weeds with the tractor.  It was a nice day, a little on the hot side but otherwise not overly windy or stormy.  Just before lunch Ric came into the house clutching something in his hands.  It was his new straw hat, now shredded! 

Apparently he had been driving the tractor with the shredder running and as he turned a corner a gust of wind took hold of his hat and removed it from his head.  Ric said while he was annoyed at the wind taking his hat he felt it would be okay as the hat initially flew up and backwards, but as he watched the hat took a sudden dive and went right under the blades of the shredder!  As you can see from the picture above the shredder did a pretty good job of destroying the hat.  Miraculously the hatband survived without a mark. 

So Ric no longer has a new straw hat, and I don’t think he will be trying to wear what’s left of the one involved in yesterday’s mishap.  Perhaps the shredded hat can serve as a reminder to us about how destructive shredder blades and how you need to be careful and safe when working with farm equipment.  

(By the way alpacas don’t wear hats, instead preferring to grow a nice top knot to protect them from the sun – I’m not sure though that Ric has the capability to grow a top knot like the alpacas so I guess we are going to have to go hat shopping again!). 



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