A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 13, 2007

Alpacas at the Lake

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The Weanling Girls PaddlingMonday evening just as I was about to turn in for the night the heavens opened.  Fortunately I had received a weather warning on my computer that we were going to receive a heavy downpour or two and so I made sure that the feed barn door was closed and the fans turned off in the shelters.   The alpacas already knew bad weather was coming as they were all in their shelters as I made my rounds. 

I made it back to the house with a few minutes to spare and then down it came.  Not only torrential rain but close thunder and lightning, so close the thunder shook our house!

Eventually everything calmed down and the alpacas started coming out of their shelters which is always a good sign that the weather has passed.

When I went out in the morning to do chores the pastures were literally flooded.  There were some dry areas but the girls pasture and the boys front pastures now had lakes in them!

The Lake in the Girls PastureSome of the alpacas were not too keen on the lake situation, but others became adventurous as the morning progressed and decided to check out the water.  TeQueely in particular loves to play in water and it was she who led a group of the weanling girls into their lake for a paddle.  TeQueely loves to kick her feet about in the water while the others just waded around in it.  

The three crias in the girls pasture also decided to venture into their lake, one cria at a time, one foot at a time.  First in went Athena, then Velvet decided maybe she should give it at try and then Annie, who had been nursing when the other two first went in.  It was quite comical to see Annie look around for her friends after nursing and then dash over to see what they were up to.

One strange happening in all of this rain was that while there was a lake in the girls pasture and there was a lake in the boys pasture the wheelbarrow that I left sitting between the two areas was bone dry.  It was left outside in it’s usual place just outside the gate to the girls pasture so how did it not catch one drop of rain?  It baffles me especially as the wheel barrow by the boys pasture had a good inch of water in it.  One of life’s great mysteries I suppose!


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