A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 18, 2007

Preparing for Take Off

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As my trip to England draws closer everything is getting more hectic.  I am gradually working my way down my to-do list but there still seems to be a lot of things left on that list.

Of course the number one thing to do on the list is “Deliver Clarissa’s cria”, but Clarissa and her cria just are not willing to help on that one.  Clarissa was definitely more uncomfortable yesterday and her “bump” was noticeably larger and a different shape.  Her cria has been very active over the last couple of days so hopefully it is getting into position for birthing.  Fingers crossed today will be the day and all will go well.  My trip will be much more relaxed if I know that all is well with Clarissa and her cria.

I am taking my laptop with me to England and hope to be able to update the blog periodically from there.  Some of my posts will be alpaca related and others will not, but I hope whatever I come up with to write about while I am gone is of interest to you readers.  Who knows I may even let Ric loose on the blog to do a post or two!

My trip schedule is already fully booked, from Laura’s wedding, to seeing my parents and getting together with my dear friends Linda and Val, my time promises to be fully utilized.  I will also be taking my mother on a short trip to Rome as her birthday present.  The younger of my two brothers Chris lives in Rome with his delightful girlfriend Carla and it will be great to see them in their home again.  I need to make sure that I throw my coin in the Trevi fountain to ensure another trip to Rome in the future.

Kathryn and Kelly will be arriving later today and then tomorrow they will get a whirlwind refresher course in looking after our furry family.  Thank goodness for all of our friends who have come to our aid to make this trip possible.

It will be great to see England and Rome again, but I know I will miss my animals and will be ready to come home and see them all again by the end of my trip – and by that time Ric will be more than ready for me to show up again to help with chores!



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