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June 26, 2007

Congratulations Laura and Ren!

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Laura and RenMy journey to England went smoothly (my bags actually arrived with me for once!) and as expected life has been a whirlwind of activity since my arrival.


Of course the big event has been the wedding of Ric’s daughter Laura to her lovely fiancé (and now husband) Ren.  The wedding took place on Saturday and in true tradition Laura was late arriving at the church.  She had expected to be a little late but ended up being 30 minutes late as the car that was booked to take her to the church could not find her house!  Ren was getting a little anxious about her late arrival, but all went well once Laura arrived and what a beautiful bride Laura was.  Ric looked decidedly nervous as he walked Laura down the aisle, but he made it without stepping on her wedding dress and fulfilled his task of giving away his daughter.  The weather that had been rainy up to the wedding cleared up for the day and the sun shone for most of the day with a small shower immediately after the wedding.   It truly was a joyous and happy day.  As Laura and Ren are such a cosmopolitan couple (Laura is English/American and Ren is Romanian) wedding traditions from England, Romania and the United States were incorporated into the wedding.  There were people from all over the world in attendance and we all had a wonderful time getting to know each other and celebrating the marriage of Laura and Ren.  The happy couple and some family members will be leaving for Romania next week where more celebrations will take place.  The same day Ric will be heading back to the United States to get back to the farm and relieve Kathryn and Kelly from their farm sitting duties.  Kathryn and Kelly have done a marvelous job looking after everything at the farm which has allowed Ric and me to enjoy the wedding celebrations and our short time away together.  I will remain in England until July 12 when I will return home and then try and catch up on everything at the farm.


My mother has already put Ric to work with various tasks she needs doing and we have also had the chance to visit my father in the nursing home where he now stays.


Yesterday was spent reuniting with my dear friends Linda and Val, who have both had challenges in their lives in the past year but who are both coping well with what life has thrown at them.


The reports from back home tell me that Clarissa’s cria is doing well and is already up to 19 lbs.  He will have grown so much by the time I get home that I will hardly recognize him – hopefully he will remember me.


The rest of this week will be spent catching up with family and helping my mother with various tasks and then on Monday my mother and I will be traveling to Rome, Italy to visit my brother Chris and his girlfriend Carla for a few days.


As I write this the rain is falling again and the weather man is saying it is the wettest June on record for England.  It’s quite a change from the heat and dryness of New Mexico, but at least I don’t have to go out in the weather to do chores every day!




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  1. Ren and I both had a wonderful time on our wedding day and equally on our honeymoon. Home again now after 2 weeks. Romania is a beautiful country with forest lined mountains, deep valleys, lakes as well as busy cities. Great food, great company, great time! but no I didnt see any alpacas in Romania either – just the odd horse and cart!
    Thank you so much Rose and Dad for your help with our wedding, we were so pleased both of you and Aunt Dina could come to England.

    Comment by Laura (now Pienescu!) — July 13, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

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