A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 29, 2007

And The Weather In England Is ………..

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Well the weather in England is currently very different from that in New Mexico.  Even for England a country know for it’s rain this summer is an unusual one.  The North of England has been experiencing a deluge with major flooding in the areas of Sheffield, Bentley and Doncaster to name a few.  Dams have burst and there are many people who have had to evacuate their homes.  One poor couple in Lincolnshire were televised as they returned to their home of forty years to find part of it had fallen off into the flood waters, a heartbreaking scene.

Fortunately in Stevenage where my parent’s live while the rain has been falling it has not been as bad as the areas up North.  The forecast for the next few days is that the rain will be back with a vengeance on Saturday and then will start to diminish over the next few days.  I hope the rain doesn’t follow us to Rome on Monday!

In addition to the rain a car bomb was found in London in the early hours of this morning, and while fortunately it was discovered before it was set off the police are saying it was capable of causing major carnage.

Just to top things off in England it was announced yesterday that Buckingham Palace is in need of some serious restoration and is quite literally falling apart – all in all it seems as if England is crumbling!

On a different note I wondered if my legs might crumble after attending my first aerobike class with my friend Val.  Happily I was able to complete the class without totally embarrassing myself, although when the instructor told us to do arm exercises while pedalling I soon decided that I should not try that unless I wanted to impale myself on the handlebars of the aerobike!

Back at home Ric is getting back in the swing of things, he reports that the weeds were more than a foot high and he has been doing a lot of mowing.  One of our dogs Sandie has not left Ric’s side since he returned home, she worships the ground he walks on and missed him a lot while he was away.

Clarissa’s cria is continuing to do well, but is a little perplexed about this man who is now looking after him (Ric), he has only had women in his life until now so will need a little time to figure out who Ric is! 

Ric reports that several of the girls rejected the male when he behaviour tested them today so we will need to have an ultrasound session soon to confirm pregnancies – how exciting.

So Monday we are off to Rome and hopefully sunnier skies, I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing any alpacas there but you never know!



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