A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

July 17, 2007

Back Online and Staying Busy

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My trip to England is over and last Thursday evening I returned to the US.  It was interesting to see how bright everything appeared over here compared to rain soaked England.  Still my trip was a good one and it was good to see some rain, and the rain could not stop me enjoying the company of family and friends.

At the farm things have been ticking along nicely.  Kathryn and Kelly did an excellent job of farm sitting and we will forever be grateful to them for allowing both of us to be gone from the farm if only for a short while.

No sooner had I arrived home than I realised that the deadline for the AFCNA Continental Fleece Show  was about here so I took a quick break from sorting through all the email and mail that had arrived while I was away and filled out my entry forms.  The fleeces have to be mailed by July 20 so I only entered two, the fleece of our co-owned junior herd sire Travesura’s Altiplano Treasure and the fleece of our darling HC TeQueely.  I managed to fax my entries in just in the nick of time and now am frantically skirting the two fleeces to get them shipped by the deadline.  The AFCNA Continental Fleece Show  promises to be a great event and this year will be held in Niagara Falls.  If I hadn’t just returned from England I would be tempted to attend the show in person, but one of the attractions of this particular show is that I will receive a DVD of the judges comments for each fleece class and also of all of the seminars for the show – almost as good as being there in person.

During my absence Bob and Regina Dart our partners in Travesura’s Altiplano Treasure were able to confirm a pregnancy by Treasure in one of their dams Kimmie Jean.  Treasure is an outstanding alpaca and we are all excited to know that there is a little “treasure” now on it’s way.  Bob and Regina also had a cria born to their dam Abigail’s Rose on the day I returned from England.  Abigail’s Rose had initially bred to our Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel then allowed herself to be bred one of Bob and Regina’s males and then bred to Zin again so we are not 100% sure that the little female cria produced the other day is Zin’s but we feel she has Zin’s heavy bone and his eyes so we are optimistic that Zin now has a second female cria on the ground.  Once the cria’s registration information is sent in then the DNA test will reveal who the cria’s sire is.

To my delight Clarissa’s cria that was born just before I left for England most definitely recognized me on my return.  He ran over to me when I called him, clucked at me and covered me with cria kisses – he knows how to make someone feel glad to be home!  Ric and I have just about decided on a name for him, but are not 100% sure.  We will post his name on the blog as soon as we have decided.

Until Tomorrow.


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