A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

August 1, 2007

Working Under Watchful Eyes

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The Girls Check Out Ric’s WorkOver the years at the farm we have tried out various garden swings in an effort to have something that we can comfortably sit on outside and watch the alpacas from.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to take a few minutes and sit and enjoy their antics and activities.

Unfortunately the weather in Clovis is not too kind to outside furniture.  Perhaps if we were in town with more shelter we would have had better luck, but so far every swing we have tried has succumbed to the combination of dry, hot air and the high winds of spring.

As our last swing was becoming particularly shabby we discussed what we could replace it with, another swing seemed futile and then as we watched the alpaca girls enjoying the shade of one of our elm trees we had the brilliant idea of having a circular bench that would wrap around the tree.

Finding such a bench was easier said than done, we checked local stores with no luck and looked online but were not impressed with what we saw.  Then as often happens on a day when we were not looking for the bench there it was right in front of us in one of the local stores.  There were only three left in stock so we bought one and brought it home.

So for the past few nights Ric’s evening project has been to put the bench together which he has done in our garage.  Last night though was the moment when the bench was ready for it’s final step of being set up around the tree.  With the chores all done and the alpacas happily eating hay (for those reading yesterday’s post about our hay problem one of our suppliers very kindly let us have four big bales to tide us over until we are ready to take delivery of our full load) we carried the bench out of the garage and up toward the tree that sits outside the girls pasture.

The alpacas were fascinated, they stopped eating their hay and came out to watch us carry the bench.  Then they followed us over to the tree and watched as the bench went through the finals stages of assembly.  Alpacas are curious creatures by nature, but the bench definitely caught their attention and they watched with interest as Ric worked.

Once the bench assembly was complete we decided to sit on it and enjoy our new treat.  The girls hung around for a little longer then some dispersed back to the hay bunks while others joined us by cushing down in the area beside the tree and enjoying the still of the evening. 

I think we will enjoy our new bench, the tree it wraps around provides the girls favorite shade from the afternoon heat and hopefully we can all now share and enjoy that shade together.  Of course being so pleased with the one bench the thought has occurred to us that perhaps it would be nice to have another one around the elm tree near the boys pastures – if we can find another one that is!


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