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August 2, 2007

An Interesting Read

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On my recent trip to England I made sure I packed plenty of reading material.  I love to read and my annual trip to England provides more opportunity to indulge in reading than I usually get at home.

One of the books I took with me was “The Nature of Animal Healing (the definitive holistic medicine guide to caring for your dog and cat)” by Martin Goldstein, DVM.   The book had been recommended to me via a newsletter I receive from www.handicappedpets.com

Handicappedpets.com was the company that I purchased a sling from when one of our alpacas, TeQueely, was recovering from a case of tick paralysis and was starting to learn to walk again.  Several people had suggested that I get TeQueely a cart to give her back some mobility, but I felt that to do that would not encourage her to use and rebuild the muscles and nerves in her front legs which were so weak.  So instead of a cart I started to look for a harness that I could put TeQueely into and use to help stabilize her as she tried to walk again.  I found just the thing on Handicappedpets.com, it was actually a search and rescue dog harness but it worked great for what I needed and was a contributing factor in TeQueely learning to walk again.  I was impressed by the selection of products available on Handicappedpets.com, from pet diapers to leg supports and carts, it’s definitely a place to check out if you need a product for a handicapped pet and their customer service is wonderful.

So it was in the Handicappedpets.com newsletter that I learnt about Martin Goldstein’s book.  I read some reviews on the book and decided it would be interesting reading and ordered a copy. 

I have now read the book from cover to cover!  In the book Dr. Goldstein discusses what holistic medicine is and how it works.  He also discusses vaccines, diet, disease and ways to prevent illness naturally.  In addition to recommendations on herbs, nutritional supplements and natural remedies Dr. Goldstein even addresses how to understand the emotional and spiritual nature of your pet. 

The Nature of Animal Healing is a book that is easy to read and one that many animal lovers will find fascinating and a useful resource.

So how does this book relate to alpacas?  Well there isn’t a reference one to alpacas in the book and I didn’t expect to see one, however as we use a combination of holistic, complimentary and conventional remedies in the healthcare of our alpacas I was interested to learn more on the subject of holistic medicine.

Of course as with any medicine, care must be taken and I certainly would do my research on how certain treatments might work in alpacas before just taking a treatment from a book and trying it out.  Alpacas are not dogs or cats and it is possible that they may respond differently to certain treatments and remedies, but the book gave me some ideas to pursue.

I am open minded to alternative and complimentary medicine, I have used it on my alpaca herd and have seen good results, however I also feel that at times conventional medicine is necessary.  Dr. Goldstein’s book reinforced some of the knowledge I already have and made me eager to learn more about holistic medicine.

So if you are looking for some interesting reading take a look at The Nature of Animal Healing.  While it might be tempting to just dip into it and read the sections on subjects that are of interest to you I would strongly recommend that you take the time to read the whole book, you will get a much better understanding of the information Dr. Goldstein is sharing and will have better results with your animal health.

On a final note I am aware that many people are skeptical about alternative medicine.  I have had people tell me that responses to alternative medicine are psychosomatic, but when you are working with animals it is hard to go along with that theory.  After all how does the animal know the response you are looking for?  Makes you think doesn’t it!


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