A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

August 8, 2007

Pregnancies Confirmed – Good News for Aurora and Snow

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It’s always good to get the week off to a positive start, and this past Monday was a good day for us.  We took Aurora and Snow in to the vet for ultrasounds to confirm their pregnancies and the news was good.

Both girls handled the procedure well, although Aurora stood and pulled faces while she was waiting her turn and tried a couple of times to walk back to the trailer.  I think she couldn’t understand why we had her there; after all she knew she was pregnant so how come we were not getting the message!  Aurora is quite the character and when her turn came low and behold there was an image of a cria embryo floating round on the screen.  The embryo looked to be quite large and the vet found it easily, so hopefully it is a healthy Zin cria on the way.

Being a maiden it was Snow’s first time for ultrasound, she was a little nervous but as sweet as she always is, and the vet very quickly found her cria.  Snows cria looked to be smaller than Aurora’s, but it was a lively little thing and we could see it moving a lot on the screen.  It will be so interesting to see the crias once they are born and think back to those gray fuzzy ultrasound images.  Snow is bred to our dark brown herdsire Tobiano and we are hoping for a nice colored cria out of Snow.  Snow is white herself, but has a spot of color on one of her hind legs and her dam Sable was a fawn color so there is some color in Snows background.

It’s always interesting when we go to the vets; we catch up with what our vet and his family have been up to and discuss topics of interest.  West Nile Virus came up while we were there as the local Fort Dodge representative was also at the vet clinic.  Unfortunately there has been a case of West Nile Virus in a teenage girl in Roosevelt County, which is the adjoining county to ours.  There have also been a few equine cases of West Nile in New Mexico but fortunately they are only a few, lets hope it stays that way.

We also discussed the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in England.  On top of all the flooding that has been happening in England recently the Foot and Mouth outbreak is another blow to the people of England and it is so unfortunate that it is there again.  With this latest outbreak the British government is using new tactics regarding quarantine areas and the slaughter of infected and at risk animals.  Hopefully this outbreak will not be as devastating as the previous one and will be quickly contained.  To read more about the Foot and Mouth outbreak you can go to the website of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).    The United States has been very fortunate not to have to contend with Foot and Mouth and I hope it never has to.

So having “chewed the cud” so as to say with the vet and other visitors to the clinic it was back home to release our new moms-to-be back into their pasture.  They were happy to be home, and we were happy to know that our breeding efforts had been successful.  A good start to the week indeed.


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