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August 17, 2007

TeQueely Wins a Ribbon!

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TeQueely wins a ribbon  I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had sent in two fleeces to the AFCNA Continental Fleece Show.  Well today I got my fleeces back along with two ribbons!

 Treasure, our junior herdsire who we co-own with Bob and Regina Dart of Llano Soleado Alpacas came 3rd out of 13 in a class of white alpacas.  Not a bad placing, as the white classes are highly competitive.  To me the placing is even better considering that when I went to skirt Treasure’s fleece I discovered he did not receive the best of shearing jobs and had to remove a lot of second cuts and a large area of fleece where the fleece had literally been cut in two.  Because of the amount of fleece that I had to remove due to poor shearing I left on some felted areas of fleece that I normally would have removed and so lost points due to the inconsistency of those areas compared to the rest of the fleece.  So now we will have to decide how to show the fleece at the next fleece show, I can either leave the areas on that I would normally skirt off thus giving me less consistency across the fleece but more fleece weight, or I can skirt the fleece again and lose points for fleece weight – decisions, decisions!

TeQueely our bay black female came second in her class of four.  If there had been less than four bay black entries then TeQueely’s class would have been combined with the true black class.  While this would have been a more competitive class it would also have put TeQueely and the other bay black alpacas at a disadvantage, as they would not be considered as consistent in their color.  TeQueely did get a comment of ‘nice crimp’ on her score card, and she really does have a very pretty crimpy fleece.  I think before I show the fleece again I will reskirt it and maybe remove even more of the lighter colored fleece from the edge of her blanket.

TeQueely’s ribbon was special to me though as I am unable to show TeQueely in halter classes.  In February 2005 she was very ill as a result of tick paralysis and at one point we did not know if she would ever walk again.  We worked hard to get TeQueely back to strength and good health and thankfully she can now walk, but drags her front right leg a little as a result of her illness.  Because of TeQueely’s gait we feel she would not show well in a halter class and so have kept her at home and out of the show ring.  It is a shame as she is a beautiful alpaca, but at least we still have the option of showing her fleece.  I must admit TeQueely is spoilt rotten and thinks she is queen of the pasture (which is funny as her dam’s name is Queen), and she knows that all she has to do is stand by the fence line and look appealingly and I will take her a small handful of her favorite weed to eat.  She is so funny as I approach her, running up and down the fence line, bucking and jumping, but after seeing her so close to deaths door I will never tire of seeing her expressing joy at being alive.

So TeQueely now has her first ribbon and while we are excited about it you can probably tell from the picture at the top of this entry that she was not really that interested in her show success.  Still we had to take a picture of her with her ribbon and tell her once again how special she is, followed of course by a treat of her favorite weeds.




  1. I love your blog and your story. TeQueely is fortunate to have such nice owners. We have a little girl, true black, spoiled rotten with fleece to die for. Unfortunately, she is very small and we have our doubts whether she will ever grow to full size. The jury is still out. Her fleece is so fine it pulls off when she is at the hay feeder. The sparse fleece locks and shines, but there is not much of it. She is a little doll. Like TeQueely, she is a happy, joyous creature and we just enjoy seeing her zest for life.

    Comment by zenasurialpacas — October 16, 2009 @ 3:33 am

    • Hi There,

      Thank you for your kind comments, I am glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. I am visiting family in England at the moment so the posts are few but I will be back to writing when I return later this week.

      It sounds as if your girl has some pretty nice owners too 🙂 (You that is!). I am interested in her size issue. We have a little boy who is super small, he is now a year old and perfect in every way with stunning fleece but he is no bigger than our six month olds. His dam is on the smaller side but his sire was a good sized male. Have you run any blood work on your girl or done anything else to see if you can discover why she is so small? I would be interested to hear any thoughts you have on why your girl is small.

      I hope you keep enjoying and reading the blog and enjoying the alpaca lifestyle (the worlds best kept secret!)


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      Tel: 575 683 5177 http://www.windrushalpacas.com

      Check out our blog “A Taste of Life At Windrush Alpacas” Just click on the tab on our website http://www.windrushalpacas.com

      Comment by alpacalady — October 19, 2009 @ 8:14 am

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