A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

August 26, 2007

Routine Maintenance – For Both Alpacas and Blogs!

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If you have had difficulty accessing any WordPress blogs over the last day or so it is because WordPress has experienced some network problems with a couple of their bandwidth providers.  The system is now undergoing some routine maintenance to fix anything that was affected by the problem and is expected to be back up and running by 4 a.m. MST Sunday August 26.

With all things routine maintenance is necessary, and yesterday we spent some time performing routine maintenance on the alpacas.  We weighed all of the boys, trimmed their toenails, checked their teeth and treated them for ear ticks.  The girls we will try and do either today or Monday.   We also assessed the alpacas that will be going to the New Mexico State Fair Alpaca Show in September to see which ones need more halter work.  Zin and Treasure both walk and show like pros, Shiimsa did remarkably well today to say it is a while since she has been on a halter.  The State Fair will be Shiimsa’s first show so we want her to be very comfortable walking on the halter well prior to the show.  Rian walked well on the halter but was not too keen to have his fleece looked at so we will need to work on that with him.  Rascal and Echo, the youngest alpacas going to the show, definitely need more work, Rascal really doesn’t like walking on different floor surfaces and Echo just didn’t want to behave!  So the show string will be in for some regular practice between now and September.  

Regular routine maintenance helps us keep up with how each individual member of the herd is doing and can prevent small problems from growing into big ones.  By working and training our show string well in advance of the show they should all be more comfortable with their show experience.

 Whether your company runs blogs or raises alpacas, it’s important to do that routine maintenance work.


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