A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

August 29, 2007

A Special Visitor Comes to Town

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Later today I will be headed to Lubbock, Texas to pick up a very special visitor.  My dear friend Linda from England is coming to visit us for a couple of weeks.  Ric and I are so excited that Linda will soon be here, while we both saw her when we were in England for Laura’s visit, it will be wonderful to see her again – you can never have too much of a true and old friend.

Linda and I first met in 1980 when we both joined the Police Force.  Linda had been a police cadet and I had worked for a short time after leaving school before deciding to join the Police.  We went through our induction course together but were assigned different basic training courses.  Still we encountered each other on several occasions during our probationary period (the first two years) of being Police Officers.

Eventually we ended up working together in Major Crime Incident Rooms.  Incident Room work is intense and involves very long hours, especially during the first couple of weeks and you get to know your co-workers really well.    There is a special bond that is formed between people all working toward a common goal of solving a major crime, and perhaps to those who have never experienced that situation it is hard to imagine that working on something that is sometimes gruesome and exhausting can spark friendships that will last a lifetime.

Linda and I have seen each other through many good and bad times and have many memories together.

This is not Linda’s first visit to the US, she has been over a couple of times before, but it has been a few years since her last visit.  On her last visit she was here with her husband Dick, who we had both known for several years through our incident room work.  Dick was one of life’s true diamonds, who genuinely cared for people and had a knack of being able to talk to anyone and put them at ease.  None of us knew it at the time but that visit would be the last one for Dick who sadly died at the beginning of this year.

I am sure that there will be tears of joy and sadness during Linda’s visit, I also know that there will be much humor shared between us and that Linda will jump in and help out around the farm.  I have a couple of things planned for us to do, but I also know that part of Linda’s reason for coming here is to be able to kick back and recharge her batteries.  She has coped so admirably since Dick’s death and now it is time for her to take it easy and just enjoy the peace that our farm provides.   There is something indescribably soothing about watching the alpacas meander through their day, eating a little hay, stretching out in the sun for a nap, running to the gate in the hope that it is their turn to be let out to graze.  The alpacas are very grounding, bringing ones thoughts back to the basics of life; I know Linda will benefit from their special presence.



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