A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 9, 2007

Summer Treats

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After several days of dry hot weather we finally were treated to a good steady rain last night.  It was so good to hear the rain falling and even better to step outside into the clear air that followed.  The alpacas all went into their shelters during the rain, with the exception of Zoie who decided to take a stroll outside and then sit out in it for a while.  Zoie is close to delivering her cria and I wonder if it just felt good to her to be able to cool off.  I checked on her after a while and she had moved back into the shelter to join some of her alpaca pals.

The girls are always funny when it rains, they have two shelters one large and one quite a bit smaller and inevitably they will all try to cram into the smaller shelter.  It was the first shelter in that pasture and I guess they just feel more at home in it.  To encourage them to use the larger shelter we stopped putting hay in the smaller shelter for a period of time, which made them wander over to the larger shelter and spend more time there.  Last night the girls had split up into two groups, one in each shelter and it was good to see they have finally realized that it is more comfortable for them to split up than to all try and squeeze into the small shelter.

On Saturday evening just prior to the rain the alpacas had a special treat – watermelon rinds!  We had cut up a watermelon earlier in the day and in the back of my mind I felt certain that we had previously fed the rinds to the llamas at least.  I checked the “adoption papers” for the llamas and there in their biography were the comments “loves to eat carrots and watermelon” I took off into the pasture with a bag of wate melon rinds and it wasn’t long before I had a crowd of alpacas and llamas around me anxiously trying to make sure they got a bite of the watermelon rind.  Maya the llama was the most keen to eat the watermelon rind and it became a bit of a challenge to ensure that all those that wanted a piece of rind got a piece.

I didn’t want to feed too much of the rinds to just one group in case it caused them to have a stomach ache and so made my rounds to each pen of alpacas, and also to our two horses Saber and Savannah who I already knew to be watermelon rind fans.

With the watermelon rinds and the rain that was two summer treats in just a few hours – isn’t that the way summer should be? Rosemary  

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