A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 14, 2007

The End of a Beautiful Friendship – at least until later

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Yesterday Aurora and Annie were collected by their owner and taken home.  While we are happy that Aurora is pregnant by our Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel we were sad to have to break up the friendship between our male cria White Blast and Aurora’s cria Annie.  Annie was already here when Blast was born and while she did not immediately take to him he certainly took to her just a couple of days after being born.  Wherever Annie was Blast was with the exception of nighttime when Blast would sit with his dam Clarissa.

It was funny to watch Blast figure out that if he sneaked in behind Annie once she had started nursing from Aurora then Aurora would let him steal some milk from her.  After all why walk to your own dam at the other side of the pasture when you can get some milk from the dam of your best friend! Over the last couple of weeks Blast had begun wrestling with Annie and then a little orgling (the noise made by male alpacas during breeding) could be heard.  Blast was apparently starting to think of Annie as more than a friend!

Today when Annie left she was not happy to be on the halter and lay down in one of the pens, Blast came over and was most concerned about her, but his concern soon turned to orgling, so we removed him from the pen and carried Annie to her transport home.

 I have been concerned that Blast will pine a little for Annie, but apparently while he was attached to her, she was not irreplaceable for as soon as Annie left the pasture he turned his attention to Athena and started chasing her all over the pasture!

I kept a close eye on Blast during the day and he seems to be doing fine, I’m sure his growth will slow a little now as he was nursing from Aurora as well as Clarissa, but he is a pretty good size and already eating grain so I feel he will do well even with his second mother not being here.

Maybe one day in the future Annie and Blast will be reunited for a breeding date, they would make a nice pair and the resulting cria would be beautiful. 


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