A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 22, 2007

It’s Show Time!

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Windrush Display BoothRic and the alpacas traveled up to the New Mexico State Fair yesterday morning.  They all made it there safely and as of last night were settled in.  Shiimsa traveled up with Bob and Regina Dart of Llano Soleado Alpacas as she was the only female alpaca we were taking and we couldn’t travel her in the same trailer as the seven boys – especially as Miss Shiimsa is quite the flirt when it comes to male alpacas.

I have stayed home to keep an eye on Zoie who still has not delivered her cria that was due on September 20.  She is not far over her due date and as a maiden female she could easily go another two weeks before delivery.  As it turns out it is probably a good thing that I did stay home as one of our other girls Chai was limping yesterday morning.  We checked Chai’s footpad to make sure that she had not cut it and the footpad is intact and feels good.  As we examined Chai we discovered that she flinches if you put any pressure on her left knee, it had rained the night before and we wonder if Chai slipped on the mud and sprained her knee.

After a little water therapy, a shot of banamine to ease the pain and a photonic red light treatment Chai was walking much better.  As the day went on she favored the leg when she first got up from a cushed position but after a few steps she was using it fully.  If Chai is still favoring that leg this morning I will give her another dose of banamine and monitor her throughout the day.  If she gets any worse then we will need to call our vet to examine Chai to see what is going on with her.  Chai is due to have her cria at the end of October so we need to be mindful of that with any treatments we give her.

Having arrived at the Fair Ric had to unload all of the alpacas, the show supplies and our display booth.  I have always maintained that assembling the display booth is an exercise in communication, it is quite a quirky piece of equipment and can sometimes challenge our patience!  Ric always does a good job of decorating the booth with our show ribbons and banners and photos of our alpacas.  The picture at the top of this entry is of our booth set up at a different show.

So today Shiimsa will have her first time in the show ring.  I do hope she behaves well and does well at the show.  She is a beautiful solid black alpaca with a fine bright fleece, but you never know at a show how strong your competition will be, which of course is half the fun of the show.

It may well be that the boys do not show until Sunday.  The show order for an alpaca show is the dark alpacas first followed by the lighter color groups and quite often the white or light alpacas will not make it into the show ring until the second day of the show.

In the evening Regent, Zin and Treasure will be taking part in the herdsire parade that was developed to focus on the breeding male alpacas available in this area.  We hope that all three of our boys in the parade will show themselves off well and come back with full date books.

So for the rest of today I will be anxiously waiting to hear from Ric as to how our alpacas do at the show – good I hope!



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