A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

November 21, 2007

Progress Report

Well something seems to be working!  After three days of little Zeus not gaining weight at all he gained a whole pound yesterday.  This is the biggest single gain yet for the little guy and makes me optimistic that as he transitions to eating more hay and pellets he will start to show a better growth rate.  So what caused this good gain, well I did give him 5cc of the MSE drench, and in addition to that I have started putting him and little Kanika in a pen for a while with some good hay and some calf manna.  Kanika is too young to be interested in the calf manna, but she enjoys the hay and keeps Zeus company.  Zeus is happy to have some time where he can eat without being challenged by the other crias.  Now we just have to see if we can get him to gain weight well on a regular basis.  Fingers crossed he will show another good gain today when we weigh him.

Chai is also making good progress, her second set of blood work showed that she was still fighting an infection so back on the antibiotics she went.  She has already gained weight and is starting to look a lot better.  In addition her facial abscess is now healed, there is some scarring but over time that will fade, and the All Species Poultice really helped draw all of the pus out of the abscess and keep the surrounding tissue healthy.

Our dear dog Toby has made some minor progress too.  We had more blood work run on him on Monday and while he is still not out of the woods yet his levels showed some slight improvement.  Unfortunately he is not eating despite our best attempts, as is evidenced in our refrigerator which now contains all sorts of bowls of various foods we have tried him with.  So we have had to resort to syringe feeding him.  It is a stressful task for him and us but unless he starts to eat he will develop further complications.  Syringe feeding Toby is a two-person job (how can one Pomeranian be so strong when he is really very weak!) but at least he swallows the food once it is on his tongue.   The good news is that the food is staying down and Toby is a little livelier.  As our vet said, we still have a long way to go but we can have a little optimism.

So some progress in the right direction on our three patients, great news indeed.


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