A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

December 15, 2007

Ahh – The Soft And Buttery Feel Of Alpaca

These last few days we have had some moisture in the air, one day we had a good rain, other days have been misty and damp.  We were fortunate enough to avoid an ice storm like the one that was experienced by Oklahoma and other parts of the mid west.  That day it rained steadily here and had the cold front arrived this far south we too would have had a major ice storm to deal with.

Prior to the recent moisture our ground was getting very dry and dusty.  In such extreme dry conditions our soil literally turns to sand and with every gust of wind the soil shifts and drifts.  The recent moisture has therefore been much appreciated.

In addition to the soil drying out the dry air also has an effect on the feel of the alpacas fleeces, they too start to feel dry and when our fine sand gets blown into them it only makes them feel gritty and coarse.

Yesterday as I was doing chores, I noticed how clean and bright our alpacas fleeces were looking following the rain.  I took my gloves off, reached out to touch one of the alpacas and was overjoyed to feel that since the recent moisture the trademark alpaca soft and buttery feel has returned to our fleeces.  The feel of a fine, clean, well-nourished alpaca fleece, is a distinct feel and one that is so good to the hand.  Of course being a fleece enthusiast, just like the slogan for a certain potato chip I couldn’t stop at just one, and had a little feel of several of the fleeces of our herd, they just felt so good!

Feeling our fleeces reminded me of a time during a trip to England a few years ago when I visited an English alpaca farm.  In England the humidity is much higher than ours for most of the year and the alpacas are out on lush green pastures with no sign of gritty red sand anywhere close by – naturally the alpaca fleeces over there feel divine. 

It’s anyone’s guess what weather winter will bring to us this year, but like many in our area we are hoping for moisture.  Our aquifer could always do with more water, our soil and crops will always welcome water and at our farm some soft falling rain will enhance our fleeces allowing them to continue to have that beautiful hand that only an alpaca fleece can have.



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