A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

December 17, 2007

How To Get An Alpacas Attention

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Isn’t it funny how we often try to achieve something without success, and then at a moment when we are not trying something causes the exact result we are after.

When we are photographing alpacas, we always want to get the best photo that we can.  The photo always looks better when the alpaca is standing proud, head and ears up, looking interested, but nine times out of ten you go to take the alpaca’s picture and it relaxes, slumps it’s neck, puts it’s ears back and looks the wrong way – I’m sure you get the general idea.

In the past we have tried all sorts of things to get an alpacas attention for that perfect shot.  We’ve rattled food bowls, whistled, clapped our hands, even tried various ring tones from our cell phones, but still it isn’t easy to get the alpacas attention.  It’s as if they know you have that camera in your hand and they mischievously don’t want to play along with your plans.

Yesterday following chores I took my usual shower and washed my hair.  A friend was planning to visit me in the afternoon and as the ground was muddy following our snow fall I knew I needed to clean the tiled floor which had a nice decoration of muddy paw prints, clumps of mud and wet patches from melted snow.

Having washed my hair I decided that rather than dry it straight away I would wrap it in a towel and let the towel soak up some of the water from my hair while I cleaned the floors.  I set about my task, and as it was a nice day I opened the front door leaving just the clear glass screen door shut.

As I cleaned the entryway to the house I became aware of the feeling that I was being watched.  I looked up to find a collection of interested alpaca faces staring over the fence at me, each one with its ears up and beautifully standing at attention!

I guess the sight of me with my hair wrapped up in a towel was of great interest to the alpacas.  Now if you follow this blog regularly you will know that when we previously had a visitor dressed as a clown the alpacas were not too interested (see entry Clowning Around at Halloween dated November 1, 2007), so why was I so interesting to the alpacas today.  Well the only thing I can think of is that as the alpacas know me and are accustomed to seeing me on a daily basis, to suddenly see me with a towel piled on top of my head was enough of a change to my appearance to capture their attention.

So next time we need pictures of alpacas I guess I know what I need to do to get that lovely picture of an alpaca standing at attention – wear a towel on my head!



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