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December 18, 2007

Wanted – Alpaca Fleece!

As members of the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA) we receive regular updates as to how the Coop is working and their plans for the future.

The latest update from the Coop shows that sales of Coop products have again increased dramatically this Holiday Season.  This is great news for the alpaca industry as it suggests that more people are becoming aware of alpaca and purchasing alpaca products.  For those who have worn alpaca products you know that it is so soft, warm and comfortable you can’t help but tell those you meet about how wonderful alpaca is.

Currently we have the Extreme Socks from the Coop on backorder.  The Coop thought that they were keeping up with the holiday demand but a broken sock machine put the manufacturer behind schedule and now the socks are on backorder.  It is a shame that this should happen when alpaca product sales are so strong, but it is part of the business of retail.

One concern the AFCNA Board of Directors has expressed is that should demand for alpaca products increase by the same amount next year then the biggest problem for the Co-op could be lack of alpaca fiber – yes lack of alpaca fiber, imagine that!  This possible problem does not stem from a lack of alpacas (although more alpacas would still be a good thing), but rather that alpaca producers are not sending their fiber in to the Co-op to be processed.

For many alpaca farmers deciding what to do with your years clip of fleece is nowhere near as fun as raising and showing your alpacas and what tends to happen is that fleece skirting and processing is put on the back burner.   Many alpaca farmers have stashes of fleece on their farm that need to be processed, and perhaps now is the time for them to sort and skirt those fleeces and send them in to AFCNA.  It doesn’t cost much to join AFCNA and there are many benefits of Coop membership. 

As of today the Coop is not paying dividends to farms for fleeces submitted but eventually that will happen.  Fleeces submitted now will be recorded against each producers record so that when payments are eventually made the producers will receive their fair share of the payments.  The Coop is also doing what it can to cut down on shipping costs for its members by offering various shipping discounts.

Historically the AFCNA had a rocky start in its first few years, but thankfully those times are behind us and the AFCNA is now well organized with many plans for the future.  The products the AFCNA puts out are a quality product and well liked by consumers

So for those alpaca farmers who have stashes of fiber stored on their farms, give AFCNA a call at 877-859-0172 or drop them an email via their website http://www.afcna.com/ and find out what you need to do to get your fiber on it’s way to becoming beautiful end product while supporting the growth and future of the alpaca industry.


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  1. I’m looking to sell raw alpaca fleece—I am shearing tomorrow 5/7/2008.
    Please get back to me with an offer.

    Comment by Michelle — May 6, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

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