A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

January 28, 2008

Another Different “Do”

Regent’s New Do

Well the creative hairdressing in the boys pasture continues.  This time the new “do” belongs to one of our herdsires Enchantment’s Prince Regent.

Regent is an outstanding herdsire who possesses solid, square confirmation and a beautiful soft handling dense fleece.  Even at eight years old (nine years this October) Regent has held his fineness and he is a consistent producer of championship offspring.

One of Regent’s features that many alpaca breeders like is Regent’s head style.  He does have a beautiful head and fortunately that is one of the traits that he passes onto his offspring.   Regent’s topknot has always been very dense and he also has good coverage of fiber on his cheeks too.

Of late though something has looked a little different about Regent.  It took me a couple of days to figure out what it is, but now I know – I can see his eyes!  For years between his facial wool and his topknot there has not been much of a chance to see Regent’s eyes, but now you can see them.  So what is going on?  What has caused this change?  Well it appears that the culprit is the big bales of hay we are feeding.  You see for a majority of the day the boys stand at the big bale and eat a hole in the side of the big bale.  As the hole gets deeper, so they push their faces into the bale deeper and Voila!  An instant change of hair-do for Regent!

Having realized what looks so different about Regent, I checked out some of the other boys too.  Tobiano’s topknot is pushed back as well and so are a couple of the other boys.  I guess that’s what an alpaca gets for pushing it’s head further and further into a bale of hay.  I just hope Regent remembers that Spring breeding season is fast approaching and he needs to return his “do” to it’s previous glory before his “dates” arrive! 


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