A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

February 3, 2008

There’s Nothing Like a Wuffle!

As a member of Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR) I receive messages from their Yahoo Group.  Yesterday there was a message from “Baxter” one of the founders of SWLR regarding an article that has appeared in a publication called “Desert Exposure”.  The article is about the sanctuary in Silver City, New Mexico that Baxter runs for llamas (and a few other furry and feathered friends).  It is a lovely article, well written with a nice tone to it, hopefully it will bring greater exposure to SWLR and the work they do.  Even better, maybe some of the llamas at the sanctuary will get adopted as a result of the article and Baxter will gain some more volunteers.

You can view the article at


There are some misquotes in the article, such as Baxter’s comments about llama fiber, but it has been my experience that no matter how hard you try there is always at least one misquote in any article written.   At the end of the day this article was written to highlight Baxter, her work with SWLR and the llamas in her care and it does just that.

Our three guard llamas Maya, Inca and Griffin all came from SWLR and I believe that all three of them spent time at the Silver City sanctuary under Baxter’s loving care.  My llama ladies are not quite as hands on as some described in the article, but we have a lot of fun with them and they do a great job of protecting the alpaca herd.

The first picture in the article shows Baxter being nuzzled by Chloe, one of the llamas at the sanctuary.  Baxter prefers to refer to this as Chloe giving her a “wuffle”, which I think it is a much more descriptive term for the way in which camelids great others.  I receive “wuffles” from the alpacas (and occasionally even from the llamas) every day, and there is nothing quite like a “wuffle” to brighten your day!

Baxter loves each and every one of the 30 llamas currently at the sanctuary, and all of those who have been in her care over the years.  Baxter gets to know all of the llamas well and does an excellent job of matching up llamas and new owners.

Enjoy the article and if you have been thinking about adopting a llama (you would actually need to adopt two unless you already own a llama), maybe now is the time to do it.  After all there’s nothing quite like getting a wuffle!


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