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February 11, 2008

Bandit Finds A Home

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Bandit Three Quarter ViewIt looks as if Bandit, our red heeler foster dog has found a new home.  We had a nice couple call yesterday and after we discussed Bandit they have decided to take him home to see how they get along.  Bandit’s new owners are an older couple who are at home 99% of the time and who also have their young great grandchildren visit them on a daily basis.  They have a two acre fenced yard for Bandit to run around in and the great grandchildren are excited that they will have a new friend to play with when they visit.

The couple picked up Bandit yesterday lunchtime.  I had given him a walk before they came and told him that it looked as if it was his lucky day and his new “forever family” had been found.

It is always a bittersweet moment when a foster dog goes to a new home.  You cannot help but become attached to them, but then again you are happy for them that someone has come forward who wants to adopt them.

I sent Bandit off with a bag of dog food, some chew toys and of course his tennis ball that he loves so much.  I also gave the couple our phone number and business card so that they could call us if they have any questions about Bandit.  They know that should he not work out they can bring him back here and we will look for another family for him.  The last thing I want is for Bandit to be turned out on the streets again.

So fingers crossed all will work out well for Bandit and his new owners.  Bandit took to them very well (I always look for positive signs from the dogs as they have a great ability to judge character), he sought attention from them, jumped into their truck without hesitation and was wagging his tail as they drove off down the driveway.

We will miss Bandit with his smiling face and his boundless energy, but we will take heart that he is bringing happiness to another family who wanted to add a four legged friend to their family.


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