A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 9, 2008

Swift Sales On a Good First Day

The first day of the Clovis Arts and Craft Fair went well.  The Convention Center was well set up and there was a good flow of people throughout the day.  The Energy Mats got a lot of attention, we had a couple of them set out on chairs for people to try and we sold quite a few.  What was interesting to me was how people were drawn to them as they walked past the booth, reaching out to touch them and stopping to look at them.  I had better call our weaver on Monday to check up on my next batch of Energy Mats and rugs that are being made.

As always the alpaca socks sold well, even though temperatures were in the mid 60’s outside.  I think we have had enough changeable weather recently that people realize we could still be in for another cold snap or two.

I had several knitters and crocheters stop by to feel the yarn and in some cases to buy yarn.  One lady told me she has been looking for three years at our yarn and finally decided to buy some today.  I hope she is happy with her purchase and creates something special with it.  Her comments reminded me how important it is to have consistent marketing and to remember that sometimes it takes a long time for customers to take the first step when buying something they are unfamiliar with.

Just prior to the Arts and Craft Fair I received my first shipment of yarn from the North American Alpaca Fiber Producers Co-op (NAAFP).  The yarn is a stunning blend of Huacaya Alpaca, Suri Alpaca and Tencel.  It has a beautiful soft handle to it and a seductive sheen.  The new yarn got many oohs and aahs from the knitters and crocheters and I believe several of them will be saving up to add some to their fiber stash.

Among our customers today were several repeat customers who have purchased from us in the past.  It is great to see people so happy with their first purchase that they return again to buy more.

Today the Arts and Craft Fair does not start until 11 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m., hopefully it will be well attended again.  In a small town there is a limit to the number of people who will attend an event, but some people like to come on the first day to just browse and see what is available and then come back on the second day to do all of their buying.  Fingers crossed it will be another busy day, with customers old and new stopping by to visit and enjoy the feel of alpaca.


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