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March 13, 2008

Feed The Llamas Challenge!

Feed The Llamas Challenge

Today’s blog entry will involve little writing from me, but it involves a cause that is dear to my heart – Southwest Llama Rescue.

The mission of Southwest Llama Rescue is to provide safe refuge for unwanted, neglected or abandoned llamas through intervention, education and necessary support. They also seek placement and lifelong care for all llamas entrusted to their care.   We adopted our three guard llamas from Southwest Llama Rescue and are very happy with our three adoptees.

Southwest Llama Rescue is run by a small but dedicated band of volunteers who never cease to amaze me with their energy and devotion to their cause.    Like many volunteer organizations funding is a concern for Southwest Llama Rescue and in order to be able to provide the necessary care to the llamas they rescue Southwest Llama Rescue has to rely on donations and grants.

The information below was sent to me by Southwest Llama Rescue, regarding a challenge grant they have been awarded.  I hope you will take the time to read the information and see it in your hearts to help Southwest Llama Rescue meet their challenge goal.  It is a big goal for a small organization, but if many people donate a little the goal will soon be met.  (Go on, feed a llama, you know you’ve always wanted to!)


Feed The Llamas Challenge


A generous charitable organization has awarded Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR) a challenge grant for $4,500 to help feed the llamas in our care. For every dollar you give, the charitable trust will double it!?  Once we raise $4,500, we will be awarded another $4,500. This $9,000 will feed 30 llamas at our Silver City Sanctuary for a whole year!


We need your help to match this grant. Please consider giving $100, $50, $10, ANY AMOUNT will help. With enough people giving even just a little, we know our $4,500 challenge can be met.


Your donation, of any amount, will be used ONLY to purchase hay/feed for the llamas in our care.  Our private sanctuary is home to 12 permanent llama residents and an average of 20 awaiting placement.  Many of the llamas in our care were surrendered to SWLR due to owner health, family or financial strife and–in some cases–due to neglect or abuse.


ANY amount is much appreciated. Please indicate your donation is designated for the Feed-the-Llamas Challenge.

Contribute by:1.  Debit/credit card:  Visit www.paypal.com and donate using the email address swlr@wildblue.net


2.  Check:  Mail a check payable to SWLR, Inc., 1472 St Francis Drive, Santa Fe NM 87505

All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with U.S. Law for contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations.Questions?

Call 505-690-2611 ~ email swlr@wildblue.net

SWLR, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, 100%-volunteer organization, founded in 2004 to provide safe refuge for unwanted, neglected or abandoned llamas through intervention, education and necessary support and to seek placement and lifelong care for all llamas entrusted to our care.

~ ~ ~

Southwest Llama Rescue

swlr@wildblue.net 505-690-2611


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