A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 17, 2008

The Skunk Has to Go!

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The Junior Males Greet Me At The Gate

There is nothing quite like being outside, enjoying doing the chores on a nice spring day when you greeted by a wall of skunk spray!  That was the case on Sunday morning as I went to feed our junior males.  The smell was overwhelming and every one of them had the same odor.

I did have a little chuckle to myself though, you see I have seen our female alpacas chase a rabbit at night and appear to think it was a great game, I suspect that is what happened with the skunk and the boys.

I can just imagine the skunk ambling into the boys pasture on one of its moonlight strolls.  Skunks don’t move very fast as a rule and do appear to be taking a gentle stroll when they walk.  Once in the pasture it probably took a few minutes for one of the boys to notice the skunk, but once one of them was paying attention to it the others undoubtedly joined him to investigate what this thing was.  If the skunk chattered or tried to move a little faster I am betting they gave chase – poor skunk, it’s little legs probably couldn’t move fast enough to get away from seven male alpacas on a mission.

Following the trail of skunk smell there was a concentrated patch at the end of the big bale of hay in the boys pasture.  I suspect they cornered the skunk there and that is probably where it let loose with an almighty blast of skunk spray – enough to cover every boy and part of the bale of hay!

The boys didn’t seem too perturbed by their encounter with the skunk, I can’t say for sure that the skunk was so happy, there was no sign of a repeat visit on Monday morning so I suspect the skunk will give that pasture a wide berth following it’s alpaca encounter.  The decision has been made though that the skunk has to go, so we will be setting our live trap and relocating him or her to pastures new!


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