A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

April 9, 2008

The Other Side (Part 2)

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Comet - The escapologist

When I wrote my blog entry on April 7  entitled “The Other Side” I hadn’t intended for there to be “The Other Side Part 2”, but one of the alpacas decided he too wanted to be the subject of a blog entry.


In our bottom pasture we have four older boys, two suri’s and two huacayas.  The four have been together for most of their lives, the oldest is Cristobal who will turn 16 in May, the youngest is Comet who recently turned eight, and it was Comet who decided to go exploring on his own yesterday.


The four boys have a small dry lot area by their shelter which we keep them in overnight or in inclement weather.   From the dry lot area there is an alleyway that leads to an old roping arena, during the day we let the boys out into the alleyway and the arena to graze and have some space to roam in and get exercise. 


In the summer the roping arena has dry land wheat growing in it and so all in all the boys have a good deal.  With our current drought the grazing in the roping arena is pretty sparse but the four boys still enjoy going into the arena during the daytime.


Yesterday Ric was on his way to substitute teaching at one of the local schools and as he drove past the bottom boy’s pasture he noticed that three of the four boys were in the arena as they should be, but the fourth boy Comet was standing in a different pasture.


Ric called me to let me know that Comet had somehow got out of the arena area.  With the ever blowing winds, we wondered if perhaps a gate had blown open allowing Comet to get out of the arena.   I walked down to the arena area and could see Comet happily grazing by himself in the front pasture.


I checked all of the gates in the roping arena and they were all firmly shut.  The three other boys by this time had noticed that Comet was enjoying greener pastures (not very green, but still there was more vegetation in that pasture than the roping arena) and were pacing the fence trying to figure out a way to join Comet.


I herded Comet to the top of the pasture where there was a gate that led through to the roping arena and opened the gate allowing Comet to rejoin his friends.


For the rest of the day I checked on the four boys every now and then and all four were in the roping arena, but by the time I went out to do chores Comet was back in the front pasture on his own.  I again checked the arena but all of the gates were firmly shut.


I remember Comet’s previous owner telling us that Comet used to let himself out of his pasture from time to time and they could never figure out how he managed to escape.  Comet has always stayed in his pasture since he came to say with us, until today that is when he discovered how to get to the other side.


For now the boys in the bottom pasture will have to be kept in their dry lot area until we figure out how Comet is escaping.  While the pasture Comet is getting into is fenced, it only has a three strand barb wire fence, not at all the right type of fencing for alpacas.  So no more escaping for Comet, no matter how much he enjoyed the green grass on “the other side” of the fence.




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