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April 19, 2008

Fish and Chips and Champagne

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Well part of the move is completed, but only a small part.  Thursday night my mother spent her first night in her new apartment.  My brother made an arrangement with the management at the apartment complex that we could put the moving boxes into the empty apartment next door to my mother’s so that the first time my mother saw her apartment with furniture it looked as we hope it will look once the moving boxes have been emptied and the contents put away.  Of course that initial view only lasted a short while as then we had to move all the boxes into my mother’s apartment in order to unpack them.  Oh well it was nice while it lasted and hopefully we will eventually get everything unpacked.


We celebrated the moving in night with a meal of good old British Fish and Chips, accompanied by a bottle of champagne, not a traditional drink to accompany Fish and Chips, but definitely a traditional celebratory drink.  By the time we got to eat it was past 11 pm – a bit late in the evening for dinner but by then we were more than ready to eat.


While we thought storing boxes in the next door empty apartment would be our only time there, we soon found out different – the hot water in my mother’s apartment is not working and the plumber is not available until Monday so we are being allowed to use the empty apartment for showers.  We just have to coordinate with the realtor who is selling the apartments to make sure that when she is showing the one next door she doesn’t end up giving her potential customers a surprise if one of us is in there taking a shower!


The old house still has a tremendous amount of possessions in it and my brother Chris and I are starting to wonder how on earth we will get it all cleared out by next Friday, especially as Chris returns to Italy on Tuesday.  If we get that accomplished it will miraculous, but you never know when a miracle will happen.


Back in New Mexico, Ric is still “enjoying” the windy weather that has been a constant theme of 2008.  He reports to me that he has had some calls regarding breedings to our herdsires, it’s that time of the year when an alpaca breeders thoughts turn to breedings and our herdsires will be happy to meet some new girlfriends.


As of Ric’s last report all of the alpacas, dogs, cats and horses were fine, but I have not been able to speak to him since Wednesday and have not had access to an internet connection.  It’s a little unsettling that at the moment Ric has no way to get hold of me if he needed to, but hopefully he would get creative in an emergency and be able to track me down and most likely there are no emergencies and everything is ticking along as normal at home.  This blog entry is being uploaded from the computer at my mother’s old house (during a quick break from house clearance) and I don’t know when I will have internet access again.  Ric is still trying to figure out the new WordPress control panel – he will probably figure it out the day before I come home!  That’s okay as I still think I will be more than ready for a vacation by then!



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