A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

May 20, 2008

What a Weekend!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what plans we have made, life will tell us quite firmly that there are other things that need our attention at that moment and our plans have to fall by the wayside.


We had planned on shearing alpacas on Saturday and Sunday, but that was not to be.  First we had ordered some more blades and cutters for our shears and they didn’t arrive, then we were greeted with rain on Saturday morning and it continued to rain on and off throughout the day.  It is never good to shear wet alpacas and so Saturday’s weather really but an end to our plans, but even more than that was the fact that neither Ric or I got any sleep on Friday night/Saturday Morning as by 1 a.m. Saturday we were delivering a cria in the pasture and from then on our time was spent caring for the dam and the cria.  More on that situation in another blog entry, but as of now the dam is doing well and the cria is not the strongest but is hanging in there with some supplemental feeding.


We decided it would be foolish to put a pair of shears in Ric’s hands when he had not been to sleep since the day before and so cancelled our plans to shear on Saturday.  By Sunday we still had to care for the cria through the night but felt up to shearing and so Sunday’s shearing went ahead as planned.  We were fortunate to have lots of help show up, especially as on Sunday morning our horse Sabre decided to colic.  Thankfully one of our neighbors was able to help us with him and he seems to be doing much better now, but is still under a watchful eye.  A big thank you goes out to our neighbor Darlene for all of her help with Sabre and also to Bob, Regina, Nathan and Abby Dart, Corky Green and his grand-daughter Christina, Jennifer, Alex and Megan Stewart and Bethany Heaton for helping out with shearing on Sunday, and another thank you to our friend Bergie who loaned us some cutters and blades so that we could keep shearing.  When you are sleep deprived and stretched in many different directions it’s wonderful to have such helpful friends and neighbors.  We still have a lot of alpacas to shear but we made some good progress on Sunday.


As I write this blog entry it is Monday afternoon.  The day is extremely hot, our daytime is high expected to reach 95 degrees and two of our girls appear to be in labor.  Funnily enough they are mother and daughter (Bjorn and Anya).  My day is now being spent watching the girls from afar, filling water buckets with water and Gatorade, hosing down alpaca legs and bellies and of course feeding our new cria.   I have all of my birthing supplies ready, plus a jug full of electrolytes and a good power lunch to keep me going through the day.  Now all I need is two healthy crias and maybe even a good nights sleep (although I suspect that is going to be several days in the making!)



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