A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 15, 2008

New Faces, New Ideas

Open Farm Days are always interesting.  You never know how many people are going to show up and you never know when.  Sometimes we have a steady flow of people throughout the day other times it seems as if everyone arrives at once.


We will readily admit that we did not do as much marketing as usual for yesterday’s Open Farm Day.  Delivering crias and shearing alpacas had taken most of our time prior to the day and we almost didn’t hold an Open Farm Day but then decided to go ahead with it anyway and see what would happen.  While the alpacas are shorn and not looking quite their usual fluffy selves there was still the attraction of the new crias to bring people to the event.


Despite the temperature being close to 100 degrees and our lack of marketing we still had people come out to visit us.  Some were visitors who had been to the Farm before others were new to us, but all of them brought with them their own perspective.  Without fail every Open Farm Day has brought us visitors who have, through their comments and thoughts, given us fresh inspiration about how to market our products and make our Open Farm Day’s more appealing.  Yesterday we had our eyes opened to the fact that calf ropers may enjoy using alpaca gloves to protect their hands from their ropes, and that local musicians would welcome the chance to come out and perform during an Open Farm Day.  Ideas we had not thought, ideas we will pursue.


It was a pleasant, easy day for us, following the hectic time we have recently had, the pace seemed just right for a hot New Mexico day and it was good to step back and see our business through the eyes of others.


Now we will look forward to planning our next Open Farm Day in the fall, when temperatures are a little cooler, the alpaca fleeces will have started to grow back, our tiny crias will not be tiny any more, and more faces old and new will visit us again.




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