A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 19, 2008

And Next Came …..

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Windrush Silken Serenity

Windrush Silken Serenity and what a pretty girl she is.


Serenity was born to our white girl Alpenglow’s Sandia Snow and is out of our dark brown herdsire Tobiano.  Snow has a small patch of fawn fiber on her left hind foot, her sire was dark fawn and her dam was light fawn with a lot of color in her lineage and so we hoped by breeding Snow to Tobiano we would get color and we did.  Serenity is the most beautiful rich chocolate brown (the picture here does not do her color justice and her ears have now straightened up having been a little squashed during birth).


Snow delivered Serenity at 3:30 pm on May 30th.  Snow has always been a quiet alpaca and the only clue she gave me that she was close to giving birth was at lunchtime when I noticed her udder was filled with milk.  I check the udders of all of my late term pregnancy girls every morning and I knew that in the morning Snow’s udder had been quite small and that the change in it’s appearance was probably significant.


As I gave Dream her afternoon bottle I looked across the pasture and there in the shade of the elm tree was Snow quite obviously in labor.  I could see that she had a little more pushing to do before the cria’s head and feet emerged and so let Dream finish her bottle and then went in to get my cria kit, blanket and towels. 


By the time I came out Snow had made some progress and I could see a little dark nose emerging.  Snow delivered Serenity without any assistance and did not make a sound during delivery, not a hum, not a grunt, not a groan.  The delivery was one of the most serene I have every seen hence Serenity’s name. 


Initially after delivering Serenity, Snow was a little perplexed about what had just happened, she didn’t seem to put two and two together and realize that Serenity was her cria.  Serenity is Snow’s first cria and sometimes maiden alpacas take a little while to realize their new responsibility.  I brought Snow over to Serenity and encouraged her to sniff her top start the bonding process.  Once Snow had delivered the placenta I put the two in a catch pen for a few hours to allow them to bond.


Snow has proved to be an excellent dam who is attentive to her cria and who produces lots of milk.  Serenity is a little live wire, tearing up the pasture with the other crias and showing that lovely curiosity about her surroundings that crias have.


Serenity’s fleece is very interesting.  It has an incredibly silky feel to it, is very fine and very bright.  I can see some crimp forming close to the skin and I am curious as to how her fleece will develop as she grows up.  Tobiano has thrown cria before with silky style fleece and I suspect that is what we are seeing in Serenity.  Time will tell, but we feel Serenity has some very special qualities to her fleece and we are already excited at the prospect of being able to show her.




  1. I like your comment about weighing crias. Lot of work to weight tem every day.

    best regards

    Comment by Virginia Lyons, Able Oaks Ranch Alpacas — July 2, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

  2. Thanks for the comment Virginia. Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well with you in


    Comment by alpacalady — July 3, 2008 @ 4:56 am

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