A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 3, 2008

Preparing For Saturday


The Information Table In Our Studio

The Information Table In Our Studio



Saturday is Open Farm Day at Windrush Alpacas.  We will be open to the public from 10 a.m to 3 p.m for people to take farm tours, learn about alpacas, see and feel alpaca products and of course meet the alpacas in person.  It will be a fun day and the first of two Open Farm Days we are holding in September, with the other one being on September 27 during National Alpaca Farm Days.


Ric has been busy mowing and tidying up, although the Clovis wind returned today (perhaps as a result of Hurricane Gustav) which of course blew all sorts of things onto the farm.  Oh well we still have a few days to tidy up again!


The next few days will be spent getting the studio ready so that we can set out our alpaca products and provide people a place to get out of the sun and the wind.  The problem with the studio is it also serves as my fleece room and I currently have quite the mess in there as I have been preparing fleeces to ship off for processing!  I had better get busy between now and Saturday to make sure I get some more fleeces shipped off and the studio clean and tidy.  Preparing fleeces can be a messy business and is time consuming when you have a lot of fleeces to work on like we do.  So from shearing day until a while after shearing there are fleeces being skirted, sorted and shipped!


As I am not the most talented at store layout I took some pictures of the studio with the products set out for display following our last Open Farm Day.  Hopefully that will help me as I set up the display for Saturday.


Our Open Farm Day coincides with the Clovis Music Festival so we could either see good attendance at the farm or poor attendance depending on what events at the Music Festival conflict with ours and where people’s interests lie.  Either way we’ll be ready – maybe!



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