A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 6, 2008

It’s Looking Like An Early Fall


According to our calendar the first day of fall is September 22 this year, according to the happenings around the farm fall is going to arrive earlier than the allocated calendar date.


The temperature has already dropped in particular the nighttime temperatures that are most definitely fall like.  I have seen geese flying over the property, something that usually happens a little later during the month of September. and a true sign of fall around here is the first sighting of a migrating tarantula!  Last year it was the third week or so of September when the tarantulas made their appearance so this recent sighting is an indication to me that fall is early.


The tarantula I saw was strolling across the road in front of the girls pasture.  Good job he didn’t venture into the girls pasture as I am sure the alpaca girls or the llamas would have got him.  We have seen the llamas chase and kill a salamander before, found dead moles in the pasture that have been stomped and also witnessed the girls relentlessly pursuing a rabbit (although no stomping was involved, just good old alpaca entertainment at the rabbits expense).  I have recently heard of a couple who purchased alpacas and then noticed that the prairie dog colony in their pasture disappeared, not a prairie dog one was left – now there’s a new use for alpacas, prairie dog control!


Our Open Farm Day is today and the fall temperatures will be a welcome change from the hot summer heat that was around on our last Open Farm Day.  It will be little more comfortable for people to be out on the farm and perhaps the cooler temperatures will make them start to think about Christmas shopping and the unique, warm alpaca gifts they can buy!


The cool temperatures might encourage the crias to play a little more too.  When the heat is sweltering the alpacas tend to sunbathe and nap, when the temperatures are a little cooler the herd is more active and the crias more inclined to play.


Checking my calendar I can see that we are only four weeks away from Cinnamon’s due date.  This will be Cinnamons first cria and so we need to be watching her carefully as she may surprise as with an early cria.  Hmmm early fall, early cria I am sure that combination will inspire a neat name for Cinnamon’s little one once he or she arrives!




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