A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 13, 2008

Now That’s What We Wanted To See!

 The two orphaned crias Mags and Song have been making good progress.  Song is now quite happy to latch onto her bottle without going underneath Mags first, and drinks her milk with gusto.  Song also is a healthy eater when it comes to hay and alpaca pellets.


Mags has never had a problem taking a bottle (far from it) but behaviorally he has some issues.  Not having ever really bonded with his dam (she died shortly after he was born), he has confusion as to his relationship with humans.  Mags has a tendency to stay away from the other alpacas, and also craves attention from humans – not a good thing for a young male alpaca.   So we are working on correcting his behavior and trying to get him to integrate more with the other alpacas.  Song has actually helped with this as she has buddied up to Mags and she tends to lead the way in showing him how alpacas should behave.


We were hopeful that our group of crias would provide Mags with some good alpaca interaction, the crias now range between two and four months old and so are still very playful.  In the first few days of Mags and Song’s arrival our crias checked them out and tried playing with them, but Mags and Song were still getting used to their surroundings and were not willing to play.


Every morning and evening we pen all the crias up together to provide some time for them to eat without the adult alpacas shoving them out of the way.  The crias all enjoy their time eating and walk into the pen on their own when we call them.  By including Mags and Song in this routine we have hoped that they will pick up on the behavior of the other crias and start to eat more hay and even a little of the alpaca pellets.


Yesterday afternoon I noticed a blur of alpacas galloping across the pasture.  I went over to the window to see what was going on, anytime I see alpacas running around warrants my attention as usually they calmly walk around the pasture.   As I looked out I could see that the galloping alpacas were the crias, it was playtime!  Annochia was in the lead, doing one of the highest prong gaits that I have ever seen; she looked so pretty as she moved.  Right behind Annochia was Pride and next to Pride was Mags!  Yes finally Mags was taking part in the cria games.  Song was there too in the main body of the crias running behind Annochia, Pride and Mags and it was a great sight to see the group tearing around the pasture having fun, but the best part of all was to see two little orphan crias joining in and acting like alpaca crias should.  Now that’s what we wanted to see!



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