A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

September 17, 2008

Welcome to Maternity Ward 8







Last weekend saw the arrival of seven more alpaca girls and one female cria.  The alpacas all belong to our friends and alpaca neighbors Bob and Regina Dart of Llano Soleado Alpacas. 


Bob is due to have knee surgery this week and so we are helping out by looking after some of their girls for them while Bob is out of action.


Out of the seven girls, four are heavily pregnant, and I mean heavily – those are some big crias those girls are carrying!   We too have four heavily pregnant girls, Cinnamon, Clarissa, Carina and Keeva making a total of eight girls on maternity watch! 


From Bob and Regina’s herd we now have Victorian Glow, Dutchess, Kimmie, Merry Me, Melody, Essie, Rose and her cria Andromeda joining in with the daily routine of pasture life.  All the girls have settled in well, some have stayed with us before and so just take being here in their stride.  Little Andromeda is enjoying being with the other crias and loves to have a session every evening when she displays her best bucking and jumping techniques, she’s an agile girl.


To make things more manageable we have rearranged the pastures so that the heavily pregnant girls are together.  Once they start to deliver their crias we hope that the fall crias will become a close-knit group as our spring crias have done.  We feel that it is best that the fall crias be allowed to find their feet before being introduced to the rough and tumble of the spring cria group.


As always it is fun getting to learn the new girls personalities.  Glow is the matriarch of the group, ruling with a silent but very present authority.  Dutchess I think would like to have top position in the herd, but respects Glow and so from time to time tries to pick on one of the other girls to establish some sort of hierarchy.   As Dutchess is about a week from her due date I suspect she is pretty hormonal too, which might explain some of her dominant behavior.


Kimmie has a pregnancy bump that is about as wide as she is long!  I know she has looked like that in previous pregnancies, but she makes an interesting sight when she cushes and her “bump” distributes itself along the ground.


Merry Me is a big, stout girl, but quite mellow and easy going, as is her daughter Melody who will soon be of breeding age.   Essie too is sweet and mellow, hanging out with Melody and taking things easy.  Then there is Rose, an absolute sweetheart and also a devoted mother to her cria Andromeda.  While Andromeda likes to play she cannot get far without a concerned set of hums from Rose to check on her whereabouts.


So Maternity Ward 8 is now up and running, all the expectant dams are in place and it’s just a matter of watching and waiting to see who will be first to start off the birthings!




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