A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

October 5, 2008

Update on Mags and Song – and Happy Birthday Linda!

Mags and Song Share A Piece Of Hay

Mags and Song Share A Piece Of Hay

The two orphan crias Mags and Song are growing well.  They still get a bottle three times a day.  Song has been taking less milk each feeding and is down to between 4 – 8 oz per feeding.  Once Song has finished with her bottle she is quite adamant that she does not want any more milk, but will often try and nurse from Mags, which I suspect, is more for comfort than for food.


Mags on the other hand is not keen on reducing his milk intake.  As big as he is, it is time for him to start a gentle process of weaning from the bottle.  While Song happily eats hay and alpaca pellets, Mags will occasionally take one pellet in his mouth and play with it but that is it.  He does eat hay, which is a good thing, but I feel he is too reliant on the milk bottle.  So we have started to reduce the amount of milk in his bottle.  That hasn’t gone over well with Mags and set him back a little on his bad behavior, but we continue to be consistent in managing his behavior and taking him through the weaning process.

 Mags Runs To Greet Me 

It is quite sweet to see Mags and Song together, they tend to eat hay together during the day and they often cush next to each other at night.  Song has started to buddy up a little with one of the other crias Stormy, while Pride has tried hard to engage Mags in play but Mags shows little interest in cria games.  I feel that Mags might always be a bit of a loner but maybe when we transition him to the junior males pen he will interact more with the older boys as he develops.


On a separate note, today is a special day as it is the birthday of my dear friend Linda.  Linda has recently moved into a new house and is busy remodeling it to make it her dream home, and I know that the results of her labor will be beautiful.  I don’t know if Linda will have time to read this blog in between her remodeling projects, but I know she is a frequent reader of the blog and I would be most remiss to not wish her a very Happy Birthday and thank her for being the wonderful friend that she is.  (Oh and by the way Linda when you have finished remodeling your house we have one over here you can come and work on!).  Have a wonderful birthday and don’t work too hard!





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  1. Hello Rosie and Ric
    OF COURSE I had time to read you blog – it has become an automatic function when I go onto the internet to take a look at what you are up to at Windrush Alpacas. It’s the best way for me to keep tabs on you, and is always most interesting (even for a ‘non-alpaca owner’. Thank you for my birthday greetings. I had a relaxing day (well it got more relaxing once the window fitters had finished – couldn’t believe they came out on a Sunday to finish what they started on Saturday). Just a few more tasks to be done until the extension in the New Year – so soon I will be chilling out in readiness for that mammoth operation.
    The cria activity on your farm seems perpetually busy. No sooner have the spring crias shown themselves, than it seems the autumn crias are on their way. I hope the state of the economy isn’t biting you all in the alpaca world too harshly. I know the USA has been suffering for some time, now the UK and rest of Europe have caught up. We were just mighty glad to see that Congress came to some decision regarding the ‘bail out plan’. Times of great consternation for everyone.
    Well just wanted to reassure you that I do read your blogs with avid interest and continue to stop counting my birthdays … eek! how old?…
    Love Linda xxx

    Comment by Linda Pottinger — October 6, 2008 @ 6:22 am

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