A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

October 13, 2008

What No Cria?

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A Cria Coat Abandoned By It's Wearer

A Cria Coat Abandoned By It's Wearer

The rain continues to fall and while the weather forecast was for “showers” we are receiving heavy downpours day and night (and even a tornado watch on Saturday evening).  Our alpacas are somewhat soggy but the winter wheat is drinking up the moisture, and the alpacas will get to enjoy that in time.


Saturday’s game of cria “Jack In the Box” calmed down a little when after several hours of hard rain the crias started to realize that perhaps the dry of the shelter was quite inviting.  But of course crias are young and love to play and soon a new game was invented by the crias to keep themselves amused during the rain.  The new game was “remove the cria coat”.


Carina’s cria seemed to keep herself out of the new caper for the most part (although even she had her cria coat removed at one point on Sunday morning), but Sleeper and Dutchesses cria had endless fun removing each other’s cria coats throughout the day.  My pasture visits to check on the crias usually resulted in my finding at least one cria coat abandoned in the middle of the pasture.  On one visit I found two cria coats lying on the ground side by side, I could just imagine the two culprits working with their lips at the Velcro straps on the coats and then tugging the coats to the ground.  Yet surprisingly, despite the numerous times the coats were removed I never once caught them in the act of pulling the coats off.


I did find Sleeper at one point playing with her coat as it lay on the ground, creeping up to it, sticking her nose on it and then dashing off at top speed as if she had just carried out a brave dare.


I guess when it’s a rainy day even crias get bored and need to find something to amuse themselves.  With more rain forecast for the next two days I wonder what game they will come up with next?!




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