A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

October 18, 2008

Update on Chai

With looking after all of the new arrivals life has as usual been busy.  In addition to the good news of the new crias we have also had good news on Chai’s arthritic leg.


Chai had recently been diagnosed with arthritis and our vet had suggested we try her on some form of arthritis formula supplement.  I decided to try Dr. Pollard’s herbal arthritis treatment, which I knew was safe to give to alpacas.


For the first two weeks we had to give Chai the arthritis formula twice a day.  The formula is a fine green powder and initially Chai was not too interested in it, often leaving much of the powder in her feed bowl.  We tried various ways to tempt Chai to eat the arthritis formula, but have found the most success mixing it in with some soaked beet shreds and then putting the shreds and formula mix on top of a small handful of alfalfa. Chai likes that combination and will  clean up the contents of  her food bowl.


By about the eight day of treatment Chai was still favoring her leg and I was starting to wonder if the formula was going to be a success.  Sure enough by the time day fourteen came around, Cha was no longer favoring her leg and the swelling in her leg had gone down.  Success!


Now Chai gets the formula once a day, although we may go back to twice a day if the winter weather causes Chai’s arthritis to flare up again.  Fingers crossed though the daily feeding of the formula will keep Chai’s arthritis at bay.



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